Bike of the week….

DSC01012 (1).jpg
I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to feature a Honda 400 Four on my blog as my Bike of the Week, so jumped at the opportunity to enter the Daily Posts Weekly Photo Challenge – Nostalgia. For me this bike takes me straight back to the early 80’s when I was learning to ride a couple of my slightly older mates had the Honda 400 Four and I cant take my eyes of its beauty and styling, I always wanted one and  perhaps still do but think the current asking prices are putting me off… 

2 thoughts on “Bike of the week….

  1. Had a one for about 15 years and had done over 100,000 by the time I replaced it with xj600 which was faster and more modern but nowhere near as good, wish I had stored it somewhere, in the top three bikes I have owned the other two where a vfr 400 and kawasaki 636

    1. Yes I wish I had stored my GT250X7 at the time instead of selling it for less than £100, there are a few mint one’s around but people are asking silly money… I liked the vfr400’s but was driving a car by the time they arrived… I also liked the 636 but bought an R6 myself, still think I have a Kawasaki in me..

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