Hi there, as you may be able to tell from the title of my blog one of my main passions is my motorbike. In the UK (and I guess else where in the world) we bikers call anyone who returns to the road after a long absence ‘Born Again’. These bikers are usually in their late forties (I wish!) and have not ridden since their teens, they must not be mixed up with the religious group who also like to use our ‘Born Again’ tagline.

Anyway I myself was recently ‘Born Again’ (almost 9 years ago now) and returned to the road following what my wife thought was an extended mid-life crisis, my first bike back then was a Suzuki GSF600 Bandit F, you will have to go to the very beginning of my blog (see older posts) to see her now. She was in fine condition a 1999 model, spoilt only because she was part faired, had she been naked I may well still be riding her now. Instead I traded her in for a 2003 Yamaha R6-YZF in search of my lost youth also featured in the early posts.

I sold the R6 when I moved to Hungary for my work and replaced her with a Honda CBR 600RR, which I used to commute to work on in Budapest and again in the South East of England (strange choice of bike I know). I loved the bike but always felt I would enjoy biking with something a little more comfortable, as you will see from my recent posts the Honda has made way for a Triumph Street Triple R and my adventures on her will hopefully be reported in future posts.

I have now moved back to my native North East and am enjoying exploring Northumberland (when the weather permits), I hope to continue to enjoy the various aspects of biking, Ride-Outs, Meetings, Motorsport and hopefully more Track Days for as long as I can, (or as long as she lets me!). Although work and a rekindled interest in cycling seem’s to be getting in the way (see my Trek and the newly acquired Tandem, which literally ties me to my lovely wife!)

I am hoping to continue to develop my blog and at the same time share through it my other main interest, photography. So if you have stumbled across my blog by accident please enjoy, and feel free to give me any ideas on how to improve the ‘Ride’ along the way.

I do enjoy trying to link some of my features (they don’t all work) so watch out for Bridges (one of my favourite things), Pews (with and without views), Walls also feature and I even have a Duck taking a pew on a wall, and from today watch out for my new feature ‘Bike of the week’ where I hope to post about people who enjoy the same passion as me for the open road.

Take care for now especially if you are on the road….


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, how many reply’s have you had, I like your new mode of travel , but you were Bing followed, she lovely though hope she went home with you. byby

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