Bird on a Wire…

At first I was stumped to come up with my entry into the GTDA’s 52 Week Photo Challenge – FREEDOM. Nothing was inspiring me until I stopped looking and was instead thinking about  another photo for my own series ‘Birds Eye View’ I realised I had this chap sitting waiting to put in an appearance, he can so easily be in both my Birds Eye View and Freedom. For Birds Eye Views see below, to see other Freedom entries click here…



Mulled Wine?

I wanted to enter the GTDA’s weekly challenge ‘Winter’ but all my November photos are just wet and cold grey days, so a real wintery shot will have to wait. I am using one from the time we lived in Budapest. This chap was a regular feature on Normafa’s hillside providing a winter warmer to the sledgers and walkers, Forralt Bor is Hungarian for hot wine.


Tomas here usually guards the entrance to the Basilica at The Valley of the Fallen in Spain, but today he has managed to sneak into my blog. When I checked the weeks I have missed in the GTDA’s photo challenge, weeks 11 & 12 are ‘Round’ and ‘Face’. What better way to enter both weeks with Tommy’s round face. Click on Round or Face to visit the Girl That Dreams Awake and see other entries.

52 Weeks – Morning

Breakfast at McDonalds is supposed to make your day, or so their advertising used to say. Well starting your ‘Morning’ in their Budapest Restaurant at Nyugati Railway Station does help get the morning started the building is magnificent and quite possibly one of the poshest locations they have. The McMuffin Meal deal has a slight Hungarian paprika twist but it still did make my day! I’m sharing the memory as my entry into the GTDA’s Weekly Photo Challenge – Morning. Check out her blog and take part each week.

52 Weeks – Patterns

I’m going to apologise in advance to my own followers for the lack of relevance to my core theme Motorbikes, I have once again lost my way and promise to find my way back on track soon. I was however stumped for an entry in this weeks GTDA photo challenge – Patterns. But then I stumbled across this old photo which was staring me in the face and meeting the brief perfectly. I pondered long and hard about not entering at all but then decided to go for it, I promise to try and revisit the theme and post something that is relevant.


A Pew with a View… (Part 17)

From Monday to Friday for an hour and a half….. I just had to use this bench in Bordeaux for my ‘Pew with a View’ series and at the same Time as my entry into the GTDA’s 52 Week Photo Challenge: Time.  Check out the her blog by clicking here, it will be interesting how different people respond to this weeks challenge.

RED (revisited)

IMG_0389 (1).jpg
Following on from my sequel to the EDGE I thought I’d do the same with RED, but I’m not sure I can really blog this little Fiat as a sequel to my earlier entry into the GTDA photo challenge,  this little classic Fiat was clearly the Italian car manufacturers inspiration for the current 500 model. Perhaps to keep myself right I can claim this blog as a prequel to my earlier post…. Sorted.