Blot or Not?

I was out on bike ride as the sun was setting yesterday and could not resist capturing this image clearly contrasting the natural beauty of the sun with the manmade eyesore, an ideal candidate to enter into Mundane Mondays Challenge.

Blot or Not?

Muckle (hugely) sad to see what was once a blossoming business sitting in rack and ruin, as the derelict premises continue to provide free advertisement for Coca Cola I can’t help but wonder where Muckle and Rose are now… Picture courtesy of my daughter as I did not have my camera with me, this link takes you to her street photo’s. 

Blot or Not?

I have been wanting to start ‘Blot or Not’ for quite some time to fill some of the gaps when i don’t have Bikes to post,  and to get some feedback from other bloggers. I don’t intend being too political with this series but do know these windmills are controversial for some people. I personally prefer them to the coal burning power stations which I grew up with and think we all have to take some responsibility for the power we consume. 

Spot the Difference…

You have to look at the previous post to be able to take part in my Spot the Difference… But here are some clues for starters: 1) There are no leaves on the tree’s 2) The Premier Inn has been extended 3) It’s not a sunny day 4) The Blot is Not……..

Blot on the Landscape…

I am starting a new theme on my Blog (whilst the Bike is parked up for the winter) it should be easy enough to follow along and I am sure I will get some comments and feedback as we go along, the theme is ‘Blot or Not’ I start with the Alcan Aluminium smelter whose 8 chimneys can be seen here behind the Lakeside at Woodhorn near Ashington.