Bird’s Eye View…

Shoe polisher very quiet today!

On the road again…

Don’t panic I borrowed this one off my mate, and headed down to Parque Santa Catalina for a game of cards…

One thing is for certain…

The sun rising yesterday behind St Mary’s Lighthouse on the Northumberland Coast, where would any of us be if not for the miracle of our universe….I am entering this into the Daily Post Photo Challenge – Ambiance

Major Cover up…..

I can assure you the covers have not managed to protect this old workhorse against the prevailing wind and sea spray…. However as it has shown some resilience I am going to use it as my entry into the Daily Posts Photo Challenge – Resilient. What the photo does not show that well is the Tractor is a MAJOR, hence the title!

Blot or Not?

I have been wanting to start ‘Blot or Not’ for quite some time to fill some of the gaps when i don’t have Bikes to post,  and to get some feedback from other bloggers. I don’t intend being too political with this series but do know these windmills are controversial for some people. I personally prefer them to the coal burning power stations which I grew up with and think we all have to take some responsibility for the power we consume.