Bird’s Eye View…

Shoe polisher very quiet today!

On the road again…

Don’t panic I borrowed this one off my mate, and headed down to Parque Santa Catalina for a game of cards…

Major Cover up…..

I can assure you the covers have not managed to protect this old workhorse against the prevailing wind and sea spray…. However as it has shown some resilience I am going to use it as my entry into the Daily Posts Photo Challenge – Resilient. What the photo does not show that well is the Tractor is a MAJOR, hence the title!

Alternate Horizon…

And my second entry in the ‘New Horizon’ challenge is a recent shot of Malagas ancient and impressive skyline, I especially liked the way the old sits alongside the new and the culture beside the industrial. Malaga is one of the worlds most ancient cities formed by the Phoenicians around 770bc.

A Pew with a ‘Mahou’ (part 19)

DSC02353 (1).jpg
A rather simple Pew in the Madrid Metro has been given a rather grand makeover by the positioning of the Teatro Real’s advertising. This had to feature in my Pew with a View series but I could not resist bringing the Mahou into play….   


Tomas here usually guards the entrance to the Basilica at The Valley of the Fallen in Spain, but today he has managed to sneak into my blog. When I checked the weeks I have missed in the GTDA’s photo challenge, weeks 11 & 12 are ‘Round’ and ‘Face’. What better way to enter both weeks with Tommy’s round face. Click on Round or Face to visit the Girl That Dreams Awake and see other entries.