Whilst in Hungary…

A winter walk at Normafa which is on top of the Buda hills behind Hungary’s capital city… 

Upon Reflection….

….I think its clear that the Budapest Chain Bridge being almost 30 years younger than the Union Bridge is far more elegant and has certainly been fundamental in linking the old towns of Buda and Pest to create the magnificent city of Budapest. The same fortune and development has not followed for Fishwick and Horncliffe on the two banks of the Tweed!

Chain Bridge (Revisited)

No wonder the Széchenyi Chain Bridge in Budapest looks similar to the 1820’s bridge that spans the Tweed, its designer William Tierney Clark worked closely with Samuel Brown as they built smaller suspension bridges together in England as prototypes for the Hungarian masterpiece completed in 1849 which spans 375m across the Danube. The engineer credited with the bridges construction was also a Clark, Adam Clark a Scottish engineer has a square named after him in Budapest. 

Bird’s Eye View…. Part 4

The view from the balustrade as promised, the sleepy chaps pew is just to the left of the red parasol in the centre of the shot and just to the left of the square which sits in front of St Istvan’s Basilica. The Danube is just visible at the end of Zrinyi Ut which runs down the centre of the shot almost meeting the river. The imposing Royal Palace stands on the left side of the mound on the far bank of the river (or the Buda side). Matthias Church sits on the same mound to the right of shot but all its splendor is hidden from view because of the restoration work.