RED (revisited)

IMG_0389 (1).jpg
Following on from my sequel to the EDGE I thought I’d do the same with RED, but I’m not sure I can really blog this little Fiat as a sequel to my earlier entry into the GTDA photo challenge,  this little classic Fiat was clearly the Italian car manufacturers inspiration for the current 500 model. Perhaps to keep myself right I can claim this blog as a prequel to my earlier post…. Sorted.


This is a long shot I know, as I enter the GTDA’s 52 week photo challenge: Week 6 – RED. What a great subject I thought as I tried hard to find any inspiration, I don’t do Red I thought.  With a quick search of my archives I suddenly had too many ideas, finally landing on this as one of my most recent shots. I’d like to share this little Red Fiat which i caught crossing the causeway at low tide onto Holy Island (recently featured in my own Pew with a View series), the Island is situated just off the Northumbrian coast in England.