Look the other way…

A short stroll in the opposite direction from the last Pew with the View brings us to the industrial Port of Blyth, here the pigeons take a pew amongst the wooden staithes.  

The View from the Pew…

And even the workers were taking a day off, none of the boats were being pressed into service. 

A Pew with a View… (Part 20)

Several ‘Pews’ queuing up to provide a place to rest and ponder at Seahouses, a bright but cold December day in this Northumberland seaside town was clearly deterring visitors.

The view from the Pew….

It is usually a hive of activity, I promise. Unfortunately its low tide and ‘Sweet Promise’ appears to have missed it’s window to sail, perhaps the skipper decided to take the day off seeing as we are having our one and only summers day!!