Whilst in Hungary…

A winter walk at Normafa which is on top of the Buda hills behind Hungary’s capital city… 

It’s been a while…

…Since I featured any bikes, unfortunately the wintery weather in the UK stops me getting out. Not that it used to stop me when I lived in Budapest!

Mulled Wine?

I wanted to enter the GTDA’s weekly challenge ‘Winter’ but all my November photos are just wet and cold grey days, so a real wintery shot will have to wait. I am using one from the time we lived in Budapest. This chap was a regular feature on Normafa’s hillside providing a winter warmer to the sledgers and walkers, Forralt Bor is Hungarian for hot wine.

Nyugati Pu (Palyaudvar)

I just had to follow up my last post with a view of the magnificent Nyugati Station itself (I think Nyugati is Hungarian for west). This station is one of Gustave Eiffel’s masterpieces of engineering and design, Gustave is slightly better known for the Tower in Paris!! The McCafe I posted is housed in the building at the far right of this shot below where the crane is…

52 Weeks – Morning

Breakfast at McDonalds is supposed to make your day, or so their advertising used to say. Well starting your ‘Morning’ in their Budapest Restaurant at Nyugati Railway Station does help get the morning started the building is magnificent and quite possibly one of the poshest locations they have. The McMuffin Meal deal has a slight Hungarian paprika twist but it still did make my day! I’m sharing the memory as my entry into the GTDA’s Weekly Photo Challenge – Morning. Check out her blog and take part each week.

Stairway to Heaven….

A well used title I know, but I could not resist using it in this case as I thought it would appeal to the many accidental visitors to my Motorcycle blog from the Born Again Christian fraternity. In this case I think the title is fitting as this is a well trodden staircase found in St Stephen’s Roman Catholic Basilica in Budapest leading up to it’s magnificent vista which can be appreciated from the balustrade around its imposing dome.

Upon Reflection….

….I think its clear that the Budapest Chain Bridge being almost 30 years younger than the Union Bridge is far more elegant and has certainly been fundamental in linking the old towns of Buda and Pest to create the magnificent city of Budapest. The same fortune and development has not followed for Fishwick and Horncliffe on the two banks of the Tweed!