A Pew with a View… (Part 22)

By design there are a few views to be captured from this seat alongside the promenade at Blyth beach in Northumberland…

The View from the Pew…

The view was almost obliterated by the low winter sunshine, don’t be deceived by the sun as it was only about 2 degrees centigrade and felt more like minus 2…

A Pew with a View… (Part 21)

These pews are overlooking the bay at Newbiggin by the Sea in Northumberland, the view is good but the so called terrace made me laugh out loud, check out the next two posts to see the view and then the punch line….

A Pew with a View… (Part 20)

Several ‘Pews’ queuing up to provide a place to rest and ponder at Seahouses, a bright but cold December day in this Northumberland seaside town was clearly deterring visitors.

A Pew with a ‘Mahou’ (part 19)

DSC02353 (1).jpg
A rather simple Pew in the Madrid Metro has been given a rather grand makeover by the positioning of the Teatro Real’s advertising. This had to feature in my Pew with a View series but I could not resist bringing the Mahou into play….   

A Pew with a View…. (Part 16)

IMG_0117 (1).jpg
A bench (or pew) clearly placed in memorium, so someone liked to sit here and take in the view, its one of my favourite places as well and even today when it was grey and overcast it still feels special, see what you think when I share the view…

A Pew with a v-EWE….

This one is for anyone who has been following my ‘Pew with a View’ series. This Ewe was making a charity appeal in the middle of Wimbledon…. I’ll try and share the view from the pew in due course if I even captured it!!