One thing is for certain…

The sun rising yesterday behind St Mary’s Lighthouse on the Northumberland Coast, where would any of us be if not for the miracle of our universe….I am entering this into the Daily Post Photo Challenge – Ambiance

Now you see her…

The lighthouse on Coquet Island is just visible above a swell of the high spring tide which threatened the east coast of England with flooding over the weekend..

New Horizon?

A fortification has sat on this horizon since c.420ad and the current castle has been ever present for over a thousand years, yet each new visitor must still look upon this wonder and not help but think of the history and the changes this horizon has seen over the centuries… I am entering this as my inspired ‘New Horizon’ in the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge.

Thinking of you…

I was just listening to BBC Radio 2 when they held their minutes silence at 11 o’clock, it really is a special moment and is so thought provoking. I felt I had to share this field of poppies on remembrance day by way of tribute to those fallen hero’s from all our conflicts. It is worth remembering and reminding people especially with all the terrible things that are still occurring in the world today, will we ever learn?