Bird’s Eye View… Part 7

The Croatians decided the walled city of Dubrovnik which is a Unesco World Heritage Site needed more defenses so thankfully they had built a fort on the top of the hill behind the city, this ultimately proved to be a very wise move as the City did not fall when besieged by the Yugoslav Peoples Army (JNA) during the 1991 conflict, and could well have acted as a tuning point in the conflict. The view shows the walled city and harbour below the hill fort and demonstrates the strategic position perfectly.


This is a long shot I know, as I enter the GTDA’s 52 week photo challenge: Week 6 – RED. What a great subject I thought as I tried hard to find any inspiration, I don’t do Red I thought.  With a quick search of my archives I suddenly had too many ideas, finally landing on this as one of my most recent shots. I’d like to share this little Red Fiat which i caught crossing the causeway at low tide onto Holy Island (recently featured in my own Pew with a View series), the Island is situated just off the Northumbrian coast in England.



The View from both Pews…

Lindisfarne Castle on Holy Island, if you ever visit Northumberland check the tide times and take a trip over to the island, its not always this grey. You can walk across the sands at low tide or drive across the causeway just check the tide times and don’t chance a crossing once the safe times have passed..

Another Pew which happens to share the same View…

Before I share the view from the pew, I thought i’d share this pew where the young lady is clearly enjoying a close up of the same view. Her chap looks to me to be catching up on his sleep, it must be all that sea air…