Whilst in Hungary…

A winter walk at Normafa which is on top of the Buda hills behind Hungary’s capital city… 

It’s been a while…

…Since I featured any bikes, unfortunately the wintery weather in the UK stops me getting out. Not that it used to stop me when I lived in Budapest!

Major Cover up…..

I can assure you the covers have not managed to protect this old workhorse against the prevailing wind and sea spray…. However as it has shown some resilience I am going to use it as my entry into the Daily Posts Photo Challenge – Resilient. What the photo does not show that well is the Tractor is a MAJOR, hence the title!

What’s the Point….

I’ve cycled past the narrow gauge railway at Woodhorn Museum near Ashington hundreds of times without my camera, I often wonder if and how I can share its simple charm via my blog and my current themes, to be honest I was out for a walk recently and as I eventually took this photo I thought to myself ‘What’s the Point’ I won’t use it, but hear we are….

Alternate Horizon…

And my second entry in the ‘New Horizon’ challenge is a recent shot of Malagas ancient and impressive skyline, I especially liked the way the old sits alongside the new and the culture beside the industrial. Malaga is one of the worlds most ancient cities formed by the Phoenicians around 770bc.

New Horizon?

A fortification has sat on this horizon since c.420ad and the current castle has been ever present for over a thousand years, yet each new visitor must still look upon this wonder and not help but think of the history and the changes this horizon has seen over the centuries… I am entering this as my inspired ‘New Horizon’ in the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge.